Stavros & Mimi | Wedding from America to Greece

The city of Kavala has a magical way of transforming the urban environment into a view of a deep blue Aegean island. It was expected to take advantage of this natural magic of the city and incorporate it into the film. The world traveled from America and Greece to attend the joy of the couple in Kavala.

Selected films

γάμο Αμερική Καβάλα Ελλάδα

Stravros Mimi

Filippo & Kalliopi Ένας ατμοσφαιρικός γάμος στην Δράμα

Filippo & Kalliopi

Αντώνης και Σίσσυ - Ένας γάμος στην Καβάλα - Memotion cinematography

Antonis & Sissy