The importance of choosing the right video for your child’s christening, in addition to covering the mystery,

it allows you to have a short story with beautiful family moments.


Christening film in Nea Peramos

All the beautiful moments start, most of the time, when we have beautiful people around us, in the whole range of the word beauty.Yes it was exactly what we needed to start creating this baptism video in our minds …

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Christening film in Athens

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Christening story in Xanthi

Nikos’ christening video is one of our favorite jobs. In a wonderful location in Panagia Kalamos a monastery literally in the mountain beauty of the city offering visitors a spectacular view of Xanthi. Dan and Julia are two super kids with …

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Nikolaos Story

Baptism film in Xanthi

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Many congratulations on the excellent video of our little Paul's baptism! Cinematic, moving, modern in a nutshell !!!

Anna Maria Pantikidou

We were anxiously awaiting the result that justified us with the above! Co-workers from start to finish, with a great appetite for work, and even some small additions we requested, did it immediately and better than we expected! Look forward to the next time we get together! Thanks!

Kiki Theodosiadou

We couldn't have made a better choice for our wedding video from Xanthi and Theodore, the team at Memotion Cinematography. From our first conversation, the kids understood exactly what we wanted from our wedding video and we felt we could trust them for the best result. The whole day of our wedding was successfully covered, from the early hours of the bride's preparations to the final hours of the wedding party! The end result far exceeded our expectations! The video perfectly captured the atmosphere of our wedding and we are happy to show it to all of our guests! All the moments of our wedding, the panoramic shots of the city, the party invitations and the great music video choices have created the perfect result! Thank you!

George Mavromatidis

Thanks for the excellent cooperation in our wedding!
You made our dream picture, especially with the video of the pre-wedding party and of course the result justified our choice !!!

Stella Tolmidou

About a year ago we were in touch with you to cover our wedding video .. we wanted it to be a different video from the rest (cinema is now called by those who know some things)
as soon as we saw some of the previous work we immediately trusted you and did not fall out ... because everything was as we dreamed it and more ... you achieved an excellent result and thank you very much for it ... Theodor and Xanthi! ♡

Smaro Kal